Fluid extract bottle: Paris, France, c1870s

This was part of a trove of old pharmaceutical bottles I found in 2005 at a rural marché aux puces in the Isère department in southeastern France.  The bottle is from the Laboratoires Dausse and bears the address Rue Aubriot in the Marais district of Paris, which makes it possible to approximate a date in the 1870s.  The founder of the firm was originally from the southern French town of Rodez and in 1826 opened his first pharmacy in Paris at 10 rue de Lancry, near Chateau d’Eau, later establishing a factory to specialize in the production of plant extracts.  In 1855, the pharmacy moved to the Marais address listed on the label and he died in 1872; the firm continued and in 1882 they opened a showcase factory in Ivry, the address of which presumably would have be written on the label had it been extent at the time the bottle was produced.


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