What the Tunisia revolution looked like

This photograph by Martin Bureau (AFP/Getty images) is captioned: “A man looks at inscriptions written on the walls in the burnt and looted house that belonged to the nephew of ousted Tunisian President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali in Hammamet, some 60 kms south-east of Tunis, on January 19, 2011.”  The image is one of forty from the recent revolution in Tunisia on the Boston Globe‘s site ‘The Big Picture,’ which is one of the great online showcases for powerful photojournalism.  Their approach is simple: gather great work, stack it on a site, and run it at 990 pixels across so it has the impact of the old Life magazine.  Check out the links above to see this photograph, and others, full size.


To see my photographs from Tunisia click here; or here for the article I wrote about Tunisia for the New York Times at the height of the Ben Ali era.


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