Chabrawichi 555 cologne: Cairo, Egypt, 1998

Two versions of the 555 cologne from Chabrawichi, an Egyptian perfume manufacturer, that I purchased at a store in downtown Cairo, though they are commonly available across Egypt.  The scent could be described kindly as floral with perhaps a note of lemon and in enclosed spaces the cologne has a tendency to linger in the air almost in perpetuity.  The cross of apparent zeroes on the label are the Arabic numeral five and the price — listed as P. 750 on one and P.T. 725 on the other — is denominated in piastres, which persistent inflation and the consequent devaluation of the Egyptian currency have rendered archaic.  The standard denomination now is the Egyptian pound, which represents 100 piastres; at the time of purchase, the bottles cost approximately $2.25 each.


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  1. TBN says:

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    I enjoyed reading your article, many thanks….

  2. says:

    where can I buy the  555 colone from Egypt in USA?   Anybody can help please.

    • Azahar says:

      I have a quite large (8 in high 2 in wide at the bottom) bottle of 555 Chabrawichi. It has been opened but is about 90% full.  It has a spray.  The paper label is a bit wrinkled but is attached securely.  If I don’t hear from you I will submit it for bids on eBay.  I will gladly send pictures if you like.  My name is Azahar, my email address is Thank you for your time.  Fragrantly, Azahar

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