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Portrait of Saad Zaghloul, leader of Egypt’s 1919 revolution

The tattered portrait of the man who led the Egyptian revolution of 1919

What makes Egypt beautiful

This exceptionally moving interview reveals what is at stake for the protesters in Egypt

What happens when Chinese street artists draw a foreigner’s portrait

Street artists in China draw my portrait, though not well

Reading the Atlantic on Facebook in Tunisia

It is the apolitical nature of Facebook that makes it useful to political activists

What the Tunisia revolution looked like

Big, powerful images of the revolution in Tunisia from the Boston Globe’s site ‘The Big Picture’

Chabrawichi 555 cologne: Cairo, Egypt, 1998

An Egyptian cologne that in enclosed spaces tends to linger almost in perpetuity

Reading Slate on the Jasmine Revolution in Tunisia

In Tunisia it may be Jasmine but in Lebanon it wasn’t really Cedar

The global change in health and wealth over 200 years

A Swedish mathematician illustrates the global change in health and wealth over the last 200 years

Debonair portrait: Pontremoli, Italy, 1920

A debonair young man in the 1920s sends his greetings to a lady

Reading Ian Buruma on the division of Belgium

In the New Yorker, Ian Buruma misses the historical origins of the divide in Belgium

Where to eat in Venice

Where to eat in Venice that isn’t going to be a huge disappointment

Portrait of a couple: Florence, Italy, c1900

A couple on the outskirts of Florence have their portrait taken in the early-1900s

New Italy photos now online

Just back from a couple months in Italy and the new photos are now online

So, is Ghent really better than Antwerp and Bruges?

Sean’s Ghent article in Travel + Leisure sparks controversy as local partisans weigh in

Student railway pass: Bologna, Italy, 1941

A travel artifact from the Fascist era in Italy